Society of American Magicians #94

Our regular monthly meetings are held at the First Lutheran Church, Palo Alto, CA on the second Monday of each month.


What happened in December 2005:

December's meeting was our Annual Pizza and Show Night. The show was MC'd by Jonathan Steigman, who also caused one of his gloves to shrink, showed us a sign pointer that didn't always point where expected, a PomPom Pole routine, a weird optical thing with a spinning disk on a power tool, and a series of effects with a piece of rope. Jeff Haas also did some great rope magic, including a jumping knot effect, and a sponge ball routine (with a youngster from the audience named Victoria, who was very expressive, which added to the fun). After a twist on the Genii bottle trick, Jeff had several members of the audience each choose a card, then these cards were revealed in a variety of ways. Stefan Fisher provided some variety with a full routine of amazing juggling. The show ended with Dr. Angis (who looks a lot like John Signa might look when he's a little older) presenting "Balloon Doggies of the Amazon River." Yes, a card selected by a spectator was not only found by a balloon doggie, it was found inside the balloon doggie. All in all, much fun for all!

What happened in October 2003:

The topic was Misdirection and included a lively discussion by Kim Silverman and performances by Jon Steigman, John Signa, and Kim Silverman.

The performance section of our meeting included an experiment by MC John Signa where a shuffled deck of cards and when dealt to 13 people each person received one of each value. Through misdirection assistance of Eric Fronberg, Jeff Haas performed a classic of magic, pulling a Dilbert doll from an empty top hat. Stefan Fischer had an audience member mix cards up, and then read the story of Little Bunny that predicted the outcome of the cards. Jonathan Steigman performed a coins across routine. Subra changed white paper to Indian currency and back, and then performed an oil & water routine with colored metal discs.

What happened in August 2003:

We had a very special lecture by Kostya Kimlat!

Kostya headlined at the Oakland Magic Circle's 75th anniversary and performs outstanding close-up and parlour magic. He presents magic in a creative and entertaining manner, and will lecture on his creative process and routining. The lecture will also include the Roadrunner Cull, Kostya's incredible full deck cull.

What happened at our June 2003 meeting:

The discussion at the June meeting concerned what else - besides the tricks we perform - is necessary to perform. Cases for props, close-up tables, and preparation. Kim Silverman and Eric Fronberg brought in the close-up tables they use when performing and discussed some of the preparation necessary Glenn Tenney brought in a few items from his collection asking assistance identifying them. One turned out to be a semicircle close-up table with accompanying stool. The second was a nail-in-head trick which was finally deciphered by Arthur Hastings. Arthur performed the effect for us later in the night!

Performances: John Signa acted as our MC of sorts, and although he didn't perform any magic, he did a wonderful job introducing everyone, thanks John! A young guest Vineet Vijaykumar enlisted the help of another young participant Nathanial Garst. Nat selected a card which was then hopelessly lost in the deck. Using a little magic, and the help of Nat's name, Vineet spelled N-A-T and located the chosen card. Great job Vineet! Steven Christenson followed by handing out 3 different Star Wars books. A page was randomly chosen from one book, and Steven was able to identify the word from that page the spectator was merely thinking of! The effect was then repeated in an even more impossible manner. Be careful not to think about your bank account numbers around Steven!

Vijay perfomed a wonderful card effect. A card was selected and shuffled back into the deck. Using the help of the SAM gold token, the spectator narrowed down the spread of face down cards until only 1 card remained. The final card was not the chosen King of Hearts, but in turning over the token the KH was found on the coin! Surprisingly, the card on the table was then found to have changed into the selected KH!

John Bodine followed by having 2 cards selected. The queens were then removed from the deck and would be used to help find the chosen cards. First the red queens were placed aside and the black queens would help find the first card. After cutting the queens into the deck, the deck was spread and not one, but two cards were found between the red queens. Turning these cards over revealed that they were not the selected cards, but instead they were the black queens. The cards previously set aside as the black queens were turned over to reveal they were actually the chosen cards! Amazing, it's a miracle.
Arthur Hastings, having deciphered the secrets of the nail through the head trick presented a marvelously scripted version, casting out demons, ridding the victim, or patient, of headaches, and plugging the hole with a cork. Arthur, where on Earth do you come up with this stuff. Thanks Glenn for providing the apparatus as not only a puzzle of "what is it?" but as entertainment!

Jonathan Steigman performed his take on Chicago Opener, a routine he's been performing for 20 years. A card was selected from a red backed deck and placed back into the deck. Upon spreading the deck the selected card was now found to have a blue back, this card was tabled face down. In an effort to repeat the effect, a second card was selected. Spreading through the deck did not reveal any blue backed cards, but upon turning over the tabled card it was found to be the newly selected card. A rub of the card caused the back to change back into a red back. Excellent variation Jonathan!

What happened at our May 2003 meeting:

We had a nice showing of 22 people in May, a great mix of new and old faces. Each month Kim Silverman leads a beginners workshop from 7 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. This month we revisited Professor's Nightmare, giving each person an opportunity to perform what they had practiced.

The teach-a-trick section of our meeting was fantastic, with a variety of effects covered, including cards, rings and spoons.

Ring and Spoon Routine - presented by Eric Fronberg
Effect: A ring magically appears on a spoon, placed on it by pushing the bowl of the spoon through the ring. The ring is then removed from the spoon in a similar fashion. Good because it can use a borrowed ring and borrowed spoon.
Stirring Silver - Jay Sankey - Dan Garrett

Red Hot Momma/Chicago Opener - presented by Kim Silverman
Effect: A card is selected and replaced in the deck. The deck is then spread and the back of one card has changed color, lo and behold, the different backed card is the selected card. The odd backed card is placed on the table and the magician offers to repeat the trick under challenge conditions. A card is selected and amazingly the card previously tabled is now the selected card.
Chicago Opener - Whit Hayden
Red Hot Momma / Bluefield Debut - Michael Ammar

Chicago Surprise -Linking Cards - presented by Irv Hipschman
Effect: A card is torn in half lengthwise one of the halves has the center torn out. The center is torn out of the second half and the two pieces are then linked together. Only requires 1 card and can be done impromptu.
Quantum Leaps p. 149 - Harry Lorayne
Immaculate Connection - Paul Harris
Cardboard Connection - Paul Harris

In Your Hands - presented by John Signa
Effect: Spectator shuffles the deck and then spreads the cards with the faces towards the magician. Magician pulls one card out that will represent the spectator. Spectator now deals down cards onto the table and stops whenever they feel comfortable. Spectator deals the new pile into 2 piles and when the spectator turns over the top cards the suit and value match the card the magician had previously tabled.

John Bodine performed some card trick but can't recall what it was, whoops. :)
Len Hallendorf performed a penny/dime transposition effect which is a great way of getting the magic to occur in the spectators hand.
John Signa presented his Your Signed Card effect which is a very nice variation of Chicago Opener

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