SAM 94 - Prior Lectures

The Society of American Magicians #94
 is proud to be the place for magic lectures in the San Francisco Bay Area...

We try to have three or four lectures a year for all magicians in the area. We subsidize this as a free benefit for our members by charging a nominal fee at the door for non-members.

Some of our lectures over the last few years have included:
(listed alphabetically by last name or stage name... a few have pictures taken during the lectures)

Jerry Andrus

Frank Balzerak

Dick Barry

Eugene Burger

John Carney

Bob Cassidy

Alain Choquette

Aldo Colombini

Paul Cummins

Steve Dacri

Lee Earle

Doc Eason

Dan Garrett

Bill Goldman

David Groves

Paul Harris

Steve Hart

Whit Haydn

Docc Hilford

Guy Hollingworth

Kostya Kimlat

Loren Christopher Michaels

Petrick and Mia

Shoot Ogawa

David Roth

Fielding West

Mitch Williams

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