Annual Magic Auction and Flea Market

SAM 94 has a club auction and flea market each year

Well, we try to have an auction / flea market each year. We find that it's a great way for all San Francisco Bay Area magicians to get together, get rid of magic tricks they no longer want or use, and to sometimes find some good deals. This is just a very informal, fun time.

All magicians are welcome to attend. There's no charge to attend nor to buy. If you want to sell things, there's a small fee for a card table space for individuals to sell things. If you want to auction things off, then you pay a small percentage to the club of whatever you sell via auction -- each person gets up and auctions off their own things.

Here's a little of what the 1997 auction looked like...

auction_audience       auction_1

 Randy Licht even brought some stage illusions. auction_items

dave_berry We even have magicians from Oakland... Here's Dave Berry auctioning some stuff.

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