SAM#94 - Banquet 1998

Every year we have a dinner banquet. The last few years we've had it at our regular meeting place open to members and their guests. After dinner we "induct" our new officers and then some members perform. It's a lot more fun than this intro makes it sound...

Please check out some other pictures of this banquet taken by Susie on Jeff Haas' web site at

Here are some pictures from our dinner 9 November 1998

dinner2 That's our new president on the right, but that's not his wife on his left... Jeff Haas knows who she is, do you? Isn't it interesting how a little creative cropping can make things look more interesting, even if not true.

dinner1 Looks like Ken and his daughter happened to be at a table with the MC and new vice-president. No, Laurie is not waiting on tables. The new vice-president is the one sitting quite properly. The MC is the one who's getting into "character" by wearing his hat during dinner.

dinner4 dinner3

Gee, it looks like all of these people might have been sitting at the same table across from each other... or is it just two pictures craftily shown together? Why isn't our new secretary (on the left sitting next to his son) busily taking notes and minutes? And who's that unmasked magician on the right sitting next to his son in the multicolored shirt?



Nope, we didn't have a double decker dinning area. Why is that lady wearing the green chiffon hat? Could it be that a member of SAM 94 didn't want her face to be seen on the web, or is it some careful tweaking with Photoshop?

In the center of the bottom picture are the widow and son of one of our broken wands this year. Another farewell to Jimmy Embree.


Yes, we do have some young magicians who are active members in our club. Seems that some of them ended up sitting not only at the same table, but together. What's the magic trick that they're doing -- the one where you raise one hand and ... Or is it the one where you're at a magic club meeting instead of doing your homerwork?

newprez1 After five years as president of SAM 94 Glenn Tenney found someone to take over. This is our incoming president, Eric Fronberg. He's smiling now because he's just started as president and doesn't know what to expect. Fortunately, we're certain that he'll do a great job and keep SAM 94 the active exciting club that it is.

Good luck Erik!

jeff1 jeff2 The evening's performance was MCed by our very own Jeff Haas. You might see a trend here in that his characters always seemed to include a hat.

irv1 irv2

Even our club has a masked magician. This time, however, he started his performance unmasked and ended it masked. Yes, both of these pictures are of the same Irv Hipschman.

john1 john3

Our new vice president had some bizarre comments of things one can do with a bagel. Then, when it was clear that the bagel was stale, John Signa showed us something magical that can be done with some stale bagels and ropes.


Peter Wench showed some interesting things that can happen when you draw something in front of a live audience... and a deck of cards is involved.

rich1 rich2

Imagine, if you will, that you are sitting in a 757 and you're number 12 for takeoff. What do you do? Well, you look to the front and watch a very animated Rich Myer do a card trick.


And last, but not least on this page is Kim Silverman. Not only did he choose a great costume, but he grew his hair long just for this performance so it would fit the costume. Now, that's dedication to magic.

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